Here is my contact address:

Tobias Gruetzmacher Hüttenstr. 45 52068 Aachen E-Mail:

Other personal info

I prefer GnuPG- or PGP-encrypted/signed mails. My key-id is 0xE2BEA341, my fingerprint is

E1C4 496F 874D 2A13 FF91 27B7 19FE D83C E2BE A341


Most of my free time I work for the FLI4L-Project. From time to time I try to update my Homepage (this one) and try to write some more or less useful programs in Perl and C. My most-liked programming languge for Windows is Delphi, but I'm not working much with Windows anymore, because I use Debian GNU/Linux most of the time.


If you would like to support me, just go for it! If you would like to send money, just drop me a mail. Or select from the other posibilities: